Our 2024 Season is Here!

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Volunteer Policy

It is the goal of the Greatwood Gators Swim Team Board to run smooth and effective meets, as well as increase family involvement. In order to reach our goal, it is the policy of the Greatwood Gators Swim Team that at least one member of every family on the team volunteer actively for the Greatwood Gators Swim Team. If this family volunteer obligation is not met, the swimmers in that family will not be allowed to register next year along with the returning swimmers. They will have to register along with new swimmers and be potentially placed on a waiting list. In addition, a financial penalty may be imposed.

The Gators will be using an online volunteer management system to aid in the coordination of volunteering. Once the volunteer management system has been activated, you will be prompted to register into the system. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email that will allow you to sign in and begin signing up to volunteer. Should you have any questions about any of the volunteer positions or the system itself, please contact Stevie Irby [email protected]

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Tent Parent – 2-4 per age & gender group needed at each meet 

Responsible for keeping swimmers together in age groups; marks all swimmers with their swimmer number and event info; lines up swimmers for each event; escorts swimmers to heat benches when called by announcers; helps put up and take down team tent; and manages swimmers while in tent. 

Starter: 1 starter and 1 backup needed for each meet 

At home meets only, determines that all lanes are properly filled with eligible swimmers for the event; determines that all swimmers are in proper start position. Starts each event with whistle or air horn. Determines that all swimmers properly begin the event, disqualifying swimmers for false starts. Must attend annual league training clinic to be certified. 

Stroke Judges – 2-3 judges needed per each half meet 

Determines if swimmer completed entire swim event per league rules. Annual Training for this job is MANDATORY. A long training clinic (2 hours) every 3 years; a short clinic (30 minutes) in the intervening years. Must work ½ of a dual meet to fulfill volunteer position 

Console Scoring Table – 2 helpers needed at each meet 

Assists console operator with computer entries and scorekeeping. 

Heat Bench – 2 needed per each half of meet 

Seats swimmers in proper order on the heat benches. Directs swimmers to the correct lane at the appropriate time. 

Timers/Scribes – 8 timers needed per each half of meet 

Time swimmers in each lane with stopwatches; clearly communicate time to scribe. Write swimmer numbers, lane number and times clearly and legibly on score sheets. 

Runner – 1 runners per half meet 

Deliver sticker sheets from scoring table to ribbon table. 

Gator Grill Worker - 8 workers needed at home meets only 

Assists in preparing and selling food at the Gator Grill. Calculates totals based on menu pricing, collects cash and makes change. Friendly disposition required. 


Place labels on appropriate ribbons by event for distribution.

Hydration Specialist

Pass out waters to those who are working the meet.


Home meets, this person will monitor the pool facility for cleanliness and or substitute in a needed area.

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